Most teens don’t know the dangers of e-cigarettes. Learn how to talk to your child about vaping.
Quitting is a team sport. Get practical tips to support your friend or family member as they quit smoking.
Fight cravings and make quitting easier by remembering why you want to quit.

What is Tobacco Free Amarillo?

Tobacco Free Amarillo is a comprehensive tobacco control program aimed at preventing youth from using tobacco and encouraging adults to quit.


Even if you’ve tried quitting before, it’s always worth it to try to quit again. Research says it takes the average person seven to eight attempts to finally kick a nicotine habit. We offer free, evidence-backed cessation classes to help equip adults with the strategies they need to quit for good. Check out our class calendar here.


When we started Tobacco Free Amarillo in 2000, 48% of high school students in Amarillo Independent School District had smoked a cigarette in the last 30 days. That sobering statistic gave us an increased passion to fight to keep youth from starting a lifelong, damaging habit. We work with schools, media and law enforcement to keep tobacco products out of the hands of minors and to help everyone know the risks associated with cigarettes, vaping, smokeless tobacco and other nicotine products.